All Shna, All the Time

In the real world my name is Shanna, but I prefer Shna… that is what my minions call me. Or rather what they would call me if I had any. I have one husband (that’s one too many! har de har) and two sons. They are called The Hubband, The Boy and Brother Bear, respectively. I would tell you their real names but honestly I don’t have the time to remember EVERYONES name!

I am an avid drinker, reader, professional topless dancer, thinker of thoughts, writer of words that make little sense, yodeler, ravenous eater of all things food, and a part-time hand model.

Ok, now for the general, and for the most part, true stuff. I live in Charlottetown PEI (love it here) and I am from a tiny, tiny, tiny town in NB. I have 2 sisters, Kim and Laine, and one imaginary friend, Gerald. Kim is somewhat normal, I am not and Laine is downright insane.

Well that about sums it up.

Stay tuned while I turn the madness up to 11.


One response

15 11 2006

you are hilarious….i really loose it when i read your posts…you should seriously write a column or something, maybe start your own paper!!!! i know i am your sister but i am your harshest critic….i would tell you if i thought you blog was stupid…in fact i do tell you that …..but you know it makes my day!

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