Every realtor is just a ninja in a blazer.

9 01 2011

I miss blogging.  I really do.  I used to stay up insanely late and write things about my life, my son, work….everything.  Now I just stay up late.  Eating, watching idiots on tv, staring blankly and stumbling – on the internet and just in the living room.

I keep coming here and reading my old posts.  I love how I can come here and remember all the fun or crazy or just plain weird things The Boy did or said.  It makes me laugh and wish that I had kept up this blog for The Babe.

So I have decided to continue this as a way of documenting BOTH my boys 🙂  And I have a real doozy for the first entry of the new year!

The Boy who is now 7, was asking the Hubband and I what our alternatives for his name were when he was born.  The Babe now 3, was busy playing in his room, seemingly oblivious to our conversation.

The Boy – What would my name have been if I was a girl?

Me– You would have been called Ava.

The Boy*Laughs* What about The Babe?

Me – Well if The Babe was a girl he would have been called Ziva.

The Babe*Running wildly in to the living room* “I’M NOT A GIRL!” *Runs away*

*The Hubband The Boy and I all have a laugh*

The Boy– Babe, you used to be an egg.

The Babe*Now with more anger and yelling louder* “I’M NOT AN EGG!”  *Runs away again*

*The Hubband, The Boy and I are still laughing….*

The Babe *Now he has had enough and runs in pointing his tiny little finger at us and yelling* “YOU’RE ALL LOSERS!”






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