Hell yeah we should get some road beers!

9 01 2010

So it seems that I haven’t changed a bit since my last post…what, over 2 years ago?  I am still awake at the most ridiculous times of night and I still have nothing to say but I say it anyway.

I have decided that I will bring back my blog.  I came back once before but that was a lie apparently.  This time I mean it.  Really.

I am also bringing back my “lists of 6 things”  that I’m sure no one remembers or cares about.  Least of all me.  However it is something so here it goes.

6 Things I did today

( or rather yesterday seeing as it is after 3 am)

1- Started to read the second book in the Heir Series by Cinda Williams ChimaThe Wizard Heir.  So gooooood.

2- Ate 10 chocolates all at once in order to make myself sick of them and not be tempted any more.  It actually worked.

3- Became disgusted with myself when the realization that I ate 10 chocolate all at once hit me.

4- Took a delightfully hot bath just because my feet were cold.

5- Helped The Boy clean out his junk drawer.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth but I told myself to get it together and we moved on.

6- Told my sister that the reason I was calling her was “none of her business”.

It is good to be back.




One response

9 01 2010

What? Beers? What? Where? Please?

How are you? It’s only after 1 am here, but I also have to drive my child to an 8 am hockey game tomorrow, er, today, so…well, whatever that counts for.

Did someone mention beer?

6 Things I Did Not Do Today, I Mean Yesterday:
1. did not post on my blog
2. did not eat any chocolate…wait, I may have had some chocolate soy milk, but I don’t think that should count
3. did not read any fiction, just browsed some vegetarian cookbooks (what has happened to meeeeee…)
4. did not get my children to clean up their mess; instead I waited until they were asleep then packed it all up in a box and hid it
5. did not avoid hijacking someone else’s blog’s comment section (my, that was elegantly phrased)
6. did not do any yoga because the wii appears to be broken

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