Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.

22 11 2007

I am pregnant and about to burst!  As a result I am tired alot of the time.  My son and I try to get outside as much as possible and stay away from the TV.  We go for walks to the library, the store, the park or just for a walk.   If we stay inside we read, play toys and make cookies.  However, a lot of my time is still spent half asleep.  I try to stay awake but this baby just sucks the life right out of me, so I must have my nap every day.

As a result I sometimes feel like I am not doing enough to keep him entertained and I feel badly about that.  The other day as I was putting him to bed for the night I said

“Do you think mommy is boring?” 

to which he replied “No!”

“Are you sure mommy isn’t boring?” 

“You are not boring mommy.”

“Thanks babe, I love you.”


“Mommy, what’s boring?”




2 responses

23 11 2007

How close are you to your due date? Ah, seems like it was only two years ago when I was that pregnant (oh, it was exactly two years ago). And now, I have no excuses, and we stay in the house and watch too much kids CBC. But when you’re only two or three, that isn’t boring at all.

23 11 2007

Oh Mamasutra, how I long to NOT be pregnant right now! 🙂 I am two days away…this is the worst…waiting! Also as soon as this one is out I will no doubt be right back on the kids CBC! 🙂

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