Warning: coarse language & adult content/not suitable for younger audiences.

12 08 2006

There is a particular co worker that I despise. This co worker has an ego the size of Saskatchewan, but his talent is barely as big as Cape Breton. He is also under the impression that he is a ladies man and often ogles the girls at work.
Needless to say he is an ass.

I have a very hard time holding my tongue, as anyone who knows me in real life can attest to. If I don’t like you I can hardly contain myself and will often say things with out thinking… things that aren’t very nice.

For the purposes of this post I will call this co worker “Pig Vomit” because he looks like a pig and makes me want to vomit.
So far this past month I have –

Called “Pig Vomit” a jackass…


Told “Pig Vomit” to fuck off…

More times than I can count.

Said that I would be more likely to get the girl than he would…

To which the girl agreed with me! Ha.

Told him his penis was small…

I’m not sure he heard me say that, does it still count?

Called him an idiot…

Almost daily.

Told him I wouldn’t taste the food he made because it was disgusting…

And it is. Really gross.

Called him a fuck-face…

and told him I didn’t like him.

Whew, that feels better. Now, truth be told, most of that actually happened in the past 2 weeks, and 3 of them happened yesterday.

Now don’t go away thinking “Pig Vomit” is the innocent victim here, he gives as good as he gets. Well he isn’t as clever as me, really fuck-face was brilliant, no? He actually spends most of his time saying fuck and talking about how great he is. He is quite nice to your face, then he talks about you behind your back. Isn’t that special. He also can’t take as good as he gives. He gets quite upset if you talk back to him which brings us to why he doesn’t like me.

Oh the joys of work.




2 responses

14 08 2006

Hi Shan, I don’t like how this site is not colored- your other site was all nice looking and this one is a tad boring. I have a co-worker much like yours- he is a pig as well.Are you having fun with no kid around? My kids are fully rested and back to their lovely selves instead of the bad mood bears. Love ya!! Kim

14 08 2006

I know, I can’t change the template too much here. Oh well.

I am having a grand time with no kidlet, alas I do miss him…sniff sniff 🙂

Love you too 🙂

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