I smell Cinnamon rolls…

28 07 2006

I am sitting here all by myself, drinking and typing. This could be trouble.

I was reading a style magazine (ewww) that told me leggings are back. Excuse me? They are back? What, exactly does that mean… The only explanation is there is a rip in the space time continuum that is warping all of our minds to think we look good in leggings. Because, seriously, we don’t. We never did, and we never will.

I’m sorry, let me explain myself. By “we” I mean anyone who is not a size zero, or alternately anyone who has a sense of style.

Why is it that just because celebreties are all wearing the ugliest clothes they can find, suddenly it’s the new hot look? They don’t look good, they just all look equally stupid.

I went to the doctor last week because I have big hands. Wait a minute…that sounds wrong. But it is so true. For some unknown reason my hands are swollen so much that I cannot wear my wedding ring, or any rings for that matter. I can’t even get them over my knuckles anymore. So I went to the doc and he took some of my precious (and delicious) blood so he could drink it find out what’s wrong with me.

Did you ever lick a spot of blood from a cut or something, then wonder what it would be like to actually drink a glass of it? No? Me either.

Alrighty then.




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29 07 2006

Yes, sounds like trouble to me. You drinking and typing I mean. And all the rest of it, for that matter. Oh, and big hands? Cheer up. That guy from Violent Femmes would probably like you.

29 07 2006

No, you do not suck. Yes, I did wonder about blood, but it upsets my stomach in that quantity. Rather, it would upset my stomach in that quantity. As for blogging and drinking, is there any other way? As for leggings, which are a gazillion times worse when they are called “leggin’s” (GOD I HATE THAT!!!!), and celebrities, see Fugly.

But you just wait. I saw leg warmers last year.

29 07 2006

ACK! Don’t hit that link! It’s the wrong one! I meant Go Fug Yourself!. Drat. WTF is that fugly thing, anyway!?

3 08 2006


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