Gimme head with hair, Long beautiful hair, Streaming, flaxen, waxen.

7 07 2006

I have been increasingly annoyed with my hair recently. I regret to say that I had the beginnings of a …. mullet.


So I asked my good friend Joan to come to my rescue.
“Give me a haircut or give me death!”
She was worried about cutting my hair, you know a girls hair is her crowning glory. But I had total faith in her hair cutting abilities. I just knew she would do a good job. And she did.

Here for your viewing pleasure, my before shot –


And my After –

We also dyed my hair, isn’t that special. Aren’t I the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Even cuter than a bag of puppies.

Great job Joan, I’ll be your first client when you open your hair salon! 😉




5 responses

8 07 2006
The Mayor

You gave up your mullet?

Hey, how about I spin you around town in my Lexus Imperial, the one with the leopard interior. We can listen to tunes in the back seat.

Letchard Wolfdick

8 07 2006

Welcome, Letchard! I know it seems to defy all logic, but yes I gave up the mullet. She was past her prime. It had to be done.

10 07 2006

I like the new color and bangs! I’m a bangs person. Thanks for visiting me!

10 07 2006

Thanks Kailani, I haven’t had “bangs” in a long time so this is different 🙂

1 10 2008
Jimmy LaRue

Be glad it was only a mullet, ya little shit! If and when your hair ever recedes/thins, THEN you can panic! lol

Actually, you’re stressing over nothing. It looks fine either way.


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