Where have all the good people gone?

6 07 2006

I have been trying to get The Boy in to a Daycare since last year. It was really tough, they are booked solid everywhere, and we are on a 2 year waiting list for our top pick! Ack. However I had a babysitter who was willing to work until I found a Daycare. Yay.

At the beginning of the summer, when I went back to work, I told her that I would need her 3 days a week and would only use her until I could get The Boy into a Daycare. She said she was fine with this arrangement.

Fast forward a few weeks, I find a Daycare. It is a home Daycare, but has all the elements I was looking for – more kids for The Boy to interact with, more structure and disipline, lots of outdoor play, (This Daycare has a fenced in park!) and a woman who The Boy absolutely adores. When we went to meet her The Boy didn’t want to leave! He cried. I mean how great is this that he WANTS to go to the Daycare!? I’ll tell you, its awesome.

So this Daycare doesn’t do weekends. Bummer. My Babysitter does. Yay.

So I have my schedule all set up.
Monday – The Boy is with Me every other Monday and in Daycare the rest.
Tuesday – The Boy is with The Hubband.
Wednesday – The Hubband.
Thursday – Daycare.
Friday – Me.
Saturday – Babysitter.
Sunday – Me every other Sunday and the babysitter the rest.

Well, the first week this takes effect I call the babysitter on Friday night to make sure she remembers we are still on for Saturday. This is the moment when she decides to tell me she will no longer be working for me.
Her reasons…
– I had guaranteed her 4 – 5 days a week work and she turned down another full time gig because of me. – I’m sorry, no. I never guaranteed her anything, and it’s her own fault she didn’t tell me about this other gig cause she should have taken it!
– This Daycare is just a home worker like her. – So that makes it not valid somehow?
– I am just using her for weekends because the Daycare won’t do them. – DUH! You’re a babysitter, it’s your job!
– If she works only weekends she won’t be able to do stuff with her own kids. – Ok, so before you were babysitting The Boy on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with no complaints, suddenly now it makes a difference?

So can someone explain to me why she would quit when all the reasons she gave were bogus? I mean if you don’t like me, or just don’t want to babysit, say so. Don’t make up excuses.
And on top of all this I still owed her for a day so I sent her a thank you card. A thank you card!? Am I retarded?

Well Thanks for nothing, cause now I am royally fucked on weekends.




4 responses

6 07 2006

Hey Shan, I have been dealing with this finding babysitters now for almost 10 years and I’ll tell you, it never gets easier or better. It is a huge pain in the ass to find someone who will watch them when you need them watched, who won’t charge a fortune, who your child likes and who you are happy with. T o find one convienently located is a whole other ball game. Good luck!! Love ya! Kim

6 07 2006

Tell me about it, Kim! I need all the luck I can get right now 🙂

7 07 2006

Aw man! That sucks. Good luck in finding a replacement but it sounds like your little one is very lucky to have some days with just mommy and then daddy. That is too cool.

7 07 2006

delaine – Yeah it’s great to have him with us for 4 days, the thing that sucks the most is we only need a sitter 3 days a week. 2 of which are weekends – which no one will do! AAAAHHHH

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