Happy Canada Day!

1 07 2006



Today I am playing Saturday Photo Hunt.

Theme – Automobiles.
My father loves antique cars so whenever I see one I take a picture . I don’t know why I do this because I never give them to him or even show him any!

So in honour of Canada Day, SPH, and my Father who will never see this, I present a Red Car.

I have no idea what kind of car this is, anybody out there have a clue?

Did you play? Check out the other wonderful players.

And to all my fellow Canadians, have a Great Canada Day, eh!




13 responses

1 07 2006

Nice cars. I have no idea what kind of cars those are. Happy Canada day.

1 07 2006

BTW, don’t forget it’s Blogging chicks carnival time — you still have time to send me an entry :-).

1 07 2006

Sharp car!
Enjoy your holiday πŸ™‚

1 07 2006
Write From Karen

I believe this is referred to as a muscle car? lol, sorry, that’s as close as I get to actually identifying one. *grin*

Enjoy the weekend!

1 07 2006

LOL! No idea… I am vehicularly challenged! Nice shots though!

1 07 2006

Love the car! Happy Canada Day from a fellow Canadian.

My photo is up (in my “museum of me” blog).

1 07 2006

Umm….a red one? πŸ˜‰

1 07 2006

cool SPHunt photos…

And happy Canada day!!

WARNING: Mine is posted.

1 07 2006

Happy canada Day.

That is a nice lookin’ car -it’s in exceelent shape!

1 07 2006

Happy Canada Day to youuuuu!
Elegant car, love it !

1 07 2006

Very nice pictures for the theme. Love the red color!
My photo is up! Hope you are having a Super Saturday!

1 07 2006

Hey! That’s the car my ex husband was driving when we met! LOL! Flash back! His was white and robins egg blue!

Have a happy holiday weekend!

2 07 2006

Maybe you’ve inherited your dad’s liking for old cars.
My Photo Hunt is up too.–>

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