Asleep at the switch? I wasn’t asleep, I was drunk! – SPF 06/30/06

30 06 2006

This week Mr. Random and Odd has taken over Stuff Portrait Friday… will the madness never end!?
In his infinite wisdom he has asked for some very special items this week, complete with instructions.

1. Something with a story behind it. – Photograph something that has a story behind it. And yes, you might have to actually write a little bit on this one. Good, sad, funny, made-up….does it really matter? It IS the internet. Be creative.

2. A Random and Odd photo. – Pick anything. A picture you’ve taken, one that you’ve found on the net. Doesn’t matter. I’m making the rules, so don’t tell me what your usual blogger tells you to do! For this picture, the reader on your blog needs to write a story or caption for your picture, so get something unique.

3. In keeping with the recurring wedding theme, a photo of something borrowed. – This is pretty self-explanatory.

Ok Shaun, boo for making us all think, but yay for keeping it fun 🙂
Without further ado, here are my entries.

Did you play?




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