“It burns! Oooh it burns!” *

19 06 2006

We had a simply mah-va-lous time at “The Last Supper” this weekend. Here is but a taste of the joy that was had.

After we were finished with our appetizers, I noticed that my father had soup splattered all over his white shirt.

I used this fact to tease him, “you can dress him up…”

He seemed to think that was unfair so he waited until his meal came and dumped it in my lap.

Thanks Dad.

* a phrase that I actually had cause to use this weekend.




5 responses

20 06 2006

*I’m afraid…

21 06 2006

He actually dumped it on your lap??!!??

22 06 2006

Well it was an accident, at least he says it was…:)

24 06 2006

I love it when one of my Texas relatives says ‘fixin’ or wears a cowboy hat so I can use the phrase, “you can take the girl/boy outta Texas, but you can’t take the Texas outta….”
I enjoyed visiting your blog. Great writing!

24 06 2006

Thanks Trish 🙂

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