Looking at something changes it – Werner Heisenberg. SPF 06/16/06

15 06 2006

SPF again! It seems I am looking forward to this more than eating and/or breathing…does that make me a bad person?
This week Kristine wanted to see – Your Puzzle, Your Best and Something Old. Holy High water pants! Lets get this wagon rolling…..

My Puzzle

This is my “arts and crafts” area. The puzzle would be, how in the name of all things holy can I get it to fit! It is so disorganized, messy and annoying.

My Best

This is the best thing I have ever done. Ever.

Something Old

As you may already know, The Hubband’s Grandma is here visiting and the other day we went to the Anne of Green Gables Park. I saw this gorgeous tree and had to have a picture of it. Little did I know how handy it would prove to be.

Just a note – My first idea for Something Old was The Hubband! He is 6 years older than me and just had his 30th birthday on the 14th. I have been teasing him about his age for a while so I didn’t think this was a good time. You will notice that it didn’t stop me from telling the internet about it πŸ™‚

Did you play?




22 responses

16 06 2006

Cool tree!!

I organized my scrapping area today. WHEW!

I played.

16 06 2006

Cool pix! Great ideas!

I played too πŸ™‚

16 06 2006
Sheri & SuZan

I LOVE that tree!

I need help organizing (Uggggg). Great SPF.

I played too.

16 06 2006
Army of Mom

Love the tree. I thought you were going to say you took a picture of your grandma. πŸ˜‰

My husband turned 30 on the 10th, but I’m 37, so I can’t tease him too much.

I played, too.

16 06 2006

Nice tree. I wonder what made it grow like that.

16 06 2006

aw, i love your “best” πŸ™‚
happy SPF and i played, too.

16 06 2006

You have an arts and crafts area?????
I’m so jealous!
I played

16 06 2006

Thanks Everyone πŸ™‚

Army of Mom – I thought of doing that…but changed my mind LOL πŸ™‚

16 06 2006
Mainline Mom

Dude, 30 is NOT OLD! Don’t you dare! LOL Great tree.

16 06 2006

well seeing how your husband is 3 years YOUNGER than me, i must be in his defense!

I love the tree, it is breathtaking.

16 06 2006

Hi Shna- it is I, your long lost older sister. My hubband has been hogging the computer(bastard!), so I haven’t been able to respond to you. I will see you Sunday and I will bring the boys’ b-day present. Love you all! Kim

16 06 2006

30 is old? Crap! I’m ancient!

I played!

16 06 2006
Southern Fried Girl

Your boy is too darn cute.

Happy SPF!

16 06 2006

Your crafting area looks pretty organized to me. I love the use of the jars and the glass containters as storage. Trust me yours looks more organized than mine.
I played too

16 06 2006

Isn’t it funny how the MEN have such issues with 30?? When FFG turned 30 he was a whole big bundle of a mess. When I turned 30, I said “meh…I don’t feel any different…”

Great pics, ‘specially the Anne tree – very cool!

I played too!

16 06 2006

That tree is amazing! Oh yeah…30 is NOTHING! I will be 40 in August and I am looking forward to it…I feel much younger than I did at 30!!

Great job!!!

I played as well!

16 06 2006

Wow, Anne of Green Gables Park sounds cool!

I played too.

16 06 2006
Suzanne R

Your best is so sweet — great SPF!

I played.

16 06 2006

Your “best” shot is great!

I played, too.

16 06 2006

Good job on your Best Ever! He’s pretty adorable.

Happy SPF!

19 06 2006

That tree is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing with us. We don’t have many decent trees out here, just palms… =(.

24 06 2006

what a cool tree!
You know I’m completely jealous that you live on PEI!
That’s my dream vacation!

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