Some peoples children.

9 06 2006

The Boy and I went for a walk today. We ended up at the park where there were 2 women with 3 kids between them. The Boy loves seeing other kids, poor thing has no friends. I only have 2 friends with children and we don’t see them very often so The Boy tends to lose out on the friends front.
As soon as he sees the other kids he starts running and wants to do what they are doing. They are swinging so The boy wants to swing. They go on the playset, The Boy goes on the play set.

Now, The Boy is being a delightful child with these kids. He puts his arm around one of the boys and talks to him and tells them his name, and keeps telling me that “The kids are gonna slide with me”. I am so happy that he is having fun.

Then the kids are ignoring The Boy and then one of them tells him to go away. To which my son says “No, I can’t go away” and keeps trying to get them to play with him. Then another boy shows up and he starts playing. The kid who told my son to go away starts talking about him to the other boy, saying “we Don’t like him. We don’t like him, do we?”

What kind of people are these? It was just so arbitrary and mean. My son is all about making friends and playing with anyone who will. He never gets discouraged, he would have kept on playing in and around those other kids with out batting an eye. I however am not so forgiving. We left soon after, I don’t want my child playing with kids like that.

Its so frustrating, why do kids have to be so mean?




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10 06 2006

oh, that breaks my heart!!! didn’t you almost cry? he can come play here.

10 06 2006

I was to upset to cry, but I probably would have had they told me I couldn’t play! 🙂
Thanks Karen.

10 06 2006

i will kick their asses poor little buddy i will play with him

10 06 2006

Different Karen here (I am the original — the rest are imitators).

My son used to go and play with kids in the park, and you could see they were just ignoring him, but he was happy and thought they were playing with him.

The thing is, there will come a time when the kids will play with your son, but that time is not now and those kids are not the ones.

Sure, as a mom you hate to see that going on…

I don’t know what to say. People usually want sympathy, not advice. My son is a little older now (10), and he’s an only child. He loves to take younger kids under his wing. He’s so patient with them. I bet your guy and my guy would get along really well.

10 06 2006

I think I made some enemies at playgroup because when a kid threw a toy at my kid, I said “Don’t…” but then shut up because I didn’t think it was my place. The mom was all waffle voiced “Oh, sweety, we don’t do that because it’s not nice.” The kid grinned at me. Grrr. And the mommy and her friend, who had been chatting with me all morning, later left without saying goodbye. Yeah. I mean, this kid was pretty little, so I don’t blame him so much, but if the mom is acting like this now, is she ever planning to intervene in a significant way? Because kids do need some guidance in learning to interact. Okay, I should save my rants for my own blog, right? I’ll go peacefully now…

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