Everyone has a photographic memory, but not everyone has film. SPF 06/09/06

9 06 2006

Here it is again – Stuff Portrait Friday! How did a week go by so fast?So Kristine took her cue this week from the dictionary – ap·er·ture – and our assignment was – A wide open space – Brightness – In the dark. Ooh so open for interpretation, I can’t wait to see what the other folks came up with 🙂 You should check them out too!

Without further ado, here are my *Masterpieces*

A Wide Open Space

This is our mailslot, a small, wide open space.


The street lamp in front of our house.

In the Dark

The Hubband, who was in the dark both literally and figurativly when I took this picture. He was sleeping and when the camera flashed he woke up “Why all the light? What are you doing?” Ha ha, so he was “in the dark” as to why I was taking his picture in the middle of the night!BQotD from You Can’t Make It Up
*That’s when I crossed him off my “5 People I Want to Meet in Heaven” list, and reinstated Jack Palance.*




16 responses

9 06 2006
Charlotte in Pa

Ha! “In the dark.” That’s good stuff! The street lamp picture is amazing, and the mail slot was a clever interpretation. Well done!

9 06 2006
Lazy Lightning

That lamp picture’s really cool!!

I played too.

9 06 2006
Sheri & SuZan

LOL you are sneaky! Great photos for SPF. Your mail box slot was creative.

I played!

9 06 2006
Odd Mix

I love your subjects for this SPF. So what did he do to you AFTER the flash went off in his eyes?

And I played, too.

9 06 2006

happy spf!
I played 🙂

9 06 2006
Fleur De Lisa

I had to laugh out loud at your quote about the photographic memory at the top!
Your darkness shot is so funny- that would scare me to death if someone did that to me. 😉
Happy SPF and I played too.

9 06 2006

Love the hubs shot. He doesn’t look too irritated. 😉

I played.

9 06 2006

Great pics!

I played!

9 06 2006

Cool lamp shot and great shot of the mailslot.

Too bad hubby was in the dark about your doings.

I played.

9 06 2006

You’re so mean to your hubby! Evil. My kinda gal. 😉

I love your ‘brightness’ shot too.

I played at The Ramble Room.

9 06 2006

LOL, you’re husband is going to track me down and beat me to death.


hee hee.

9 06 2006
Irish Church Lady :)

Very good ‘n creative pics~ well played!

9 06 2006

Thanks everybody! I am really loving SPF, I only wish I had started sooner 🙂

9 06 2006
Southern Fried Girl

So many men are literally and figuratively “in the dark” no?

I played.

9 06 2006

Cool pix!

I played too 🙂

10 06 2006
Suzanne R

Clever to use the mail slot — great SPF pics! Especially love waking the hubby up! LOL!

I played!

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