The first half of our lives is ruined by our parents, and the second half by our children.

8 06 2006

The Boy is driving me completely insane. He has entered the lovely phase “I won’t listen to anything you say and will scream all day”. Delightful. Abso-fucking-lutly deelightful.
He has also decided that he will scream while he is laughing. The most annoying sound on the planet? A small child scream-laughing. Ow.
The other day he didn’t want to come inside, he wanted to stay in the car. Ok, I picked him up and tried to carry him inside. I stress tried. He squirmed so much I lost my grip and he fell and hit his head on the door. Way to go Mom.

I guess I won’t be getting that “Mother of the Year” award.

Today we went for a drive to run a couple of errands. I promised The Boy a treat if he would be quiet while I talked to someone. He screeched the entire time we were there, then tried to jump down every step on our way out. I picked him up and he freaked out the whole way to the car. I then informed him we would not be getting a treat and he would go straight to bed when we got home. So he rewarded me with a screaming rendition of “I want my treat!”, “We can’t go home! Home is bad!” and ” Don’t say no! No is yucky!”.

Can someone take him until he is 18, at which point I can release him into the wild?

BQotD from Chookooloonks
*Eventually I recovered (because you never want to show fear to someone who you think may be possessed), and I smiled at her and told her I was fine, and then she smiled back at me, and then she licked my shoulder.*




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