Mirror, mirror on the wall. SPH – 06/03/06

3 06 2006

Saturday Photo Hunt
Theme: Mirror
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Isn’t this special… yet another photo game. I love it!BQotD from fourfour

*High roller that I am, though, I can’t wait until they have the technology to give away a piece of the ozone layer. Total jackpot.*




15 responses

3 06 2006

Ok now that right there is a cool photo! Welcome to the hunt, great photo to start off with and very appropriate for this week’s theme!

3 06 2006

Thanks Michael. I had quite a time getting that shot πŸ™‚

3 06 2006

Kind of a strange picture! I like it, though lol!
I played, too!

3 06 2006

That’s a very interesting picture. Welcome to the photo hunt.

OT, I wanted to let you know that we are having a Carnival of the Blogging Chicks. Check the Blogging Chicks Metablog for details.

3 06 2006

Very artist photo!! Welcome to the Photo Hunt!

3 06 2006

Nice phote. I like the face inside the moon! Welcome to the hunt!

3 06 2006

Nice one -I love how it captures half the face to match up with the face of the sun.

Glad to have you join us!

4 06 2006

Deb- Thanks πŸ™‚

Michele – Thanks, I checked it out. SOunds great. πŸ˜‰

YellowRose – Thank you! It was a total fluke that it turned out so well πŸ™‚

Reverberate58 – Thanks for the welcome πŸ™‚ This is fun!

TNChick – Glad to be a part of this! I never meant for the face to line up like that, but loved it when it happened! πŸ™‚

4 06 2006

Welcome! Great shot! Take care. Dani

4 06 2006

How did you take the picture….. And why aren’t you smiling….

4 06 2006

Read my fricking blog please…

5 06 2006

Dani – Thanks, I am having fun “)

Hedder – Done and done!

5 06 2006

I’m sorry, but…that’s a scary mirror. Just the mirror.

5 06 2006

Are you sure it’s just the mirror, Nettie? πŸ™‚

9 06 2006

Love the mirror!

I’d played too πŸ™‚

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