You can observe a lot by just watching. – Yogi Berra – SPF 06/02/06

2 06 2006

Sweet corn on the cob – It’s Stuff Portrait Friday! I can barely contain my excitement.

Now that I am cool (now really, if anything I was too cool before, but I digress) and have a digital camera I can do the fun stuff like play Stuff Portrait Friday! If you don’t know what that is float on over to Random and Odd and check it out. Kristine is a freaky genius photographer.

This week she wanted to see – Something Sparkly – Something Dull – Something Colourful.
Sounds easy enough, right? Well here are my very first SPF entries – Are you excited? I sure am.

Now bear with me as I am a horrible photographer….

Something Sparkly

This is a Rosary I made as a gift for The Hubbands Godson. I realize you cannot see the “sparkly” but rest assured it is. Sparkly in a good way, not sparkly in a Sparkle Fairy Barbie Doll sort of way. Ooh so sparkly.

Something Dull – My walls. Not only are they “dull” in colour, but they are also “dull” as in boooring.

Something Colourful – My Ribbon! Yay for Ribbon. Isn’t it fantabulous? Oh yes, I lurve me some ribbon.

Did you play? If not go on and check out all the other players awesome photos! Go on, you can do it….its fuunnnnn.


BQotD from Go Fug yourself

*How did this become about Joan Rivers? I’m not sure. She’s a force far greater than I.*




17 responses

2 06 2006
Random and Odd

You know how to make rosaries? WOW!
My walls are WAY worse than yours. DULLLLLLLLL.

I’m glad you played!!

2 06 2006

I got a comment from The Kristine! Yay 🙂 Rosaries are actually fun to make, that was my first one.
Thanks 🙂

2 06 2006

Oh my god, you cracked me up with your “sweet corn on the cob” comment!

I keep thinking that I’ll want subdued walls, but not dull. I like your print to the right of the door!

Happy SPF!
I played at The Ramble Room.

2 06 2006

Shannie- your rosary looks awesome!!! What is wrong with your walls- they have to be fab, they’re yours….

2 06 2006

Great pics! Love the colorful ribbon!

I played!

2 06 2006

That’s quite a ribbon collection!

2 06 2006

your ribbon is impressive, I thought it was canned vegetables 😉

2 06 2006
Odd Mix

I like the ribbons.

I played, too.

2 06 2006

Hemlock – thanks so much, that “print” on my wall is actually the top of a table! We bought it at a flea market but the legs were so bad they couldn’t be fixed so we chopped ’em off and hung it on the wall!

Hedder – Thanks, making the rosary was fun 🙂
I know I am fab, but the walls need some colour…too bad we live in an apartment. No painting for me. 😦

Jana – Thanks, I “use” it for scrapbooking. And by “use” I mean store and stare at. 🙂

Zuphchic- Thank you. I actually have 12 bottles but only picked my favs for the pic. 🙂

Lee – Thanks, the canned veg comment made me laugh. 🙂

2 06 2006
Suzanne R

Neat SPF — you scrapbook about like I do. 😉

I played for the first time!

2 06 2006

That Rosary is beautiful, and I love your ribbons.

Happy SPF, I played too 🙂

2 06 2006

Great photos. I love the ribbons.
I played

2 06 2006
Irish Church Lady :)

Nice rosary … I love the fish on the end of it!!!! Glad you got a camera and can now play SPF! Have fun!

3 06 2006

Suzanne R – Thanks for checking out my first SPF pics…glad you could join too!

Michelle – Thanks. I can’t seem to find your blog…help me 🙂

Torie – Thanks…gotta love ribbon. 🙂

Irish Church Lady – Thanks so much. I love the fish too….it’s my favourite part. 🙂

3 06 2006

hey there big sis…looks like you got a lot more readers!!! i bow down to you you have finally beat me at something-blogging……

3 06 2006

Lyn – HA!

9 06 2006

I missed your pix from last week. Luv ’em!!

I’d played too :)–>

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