21 05 2006

So I have discovered that Blogger seems to think my blog is a spam blog.

How nice.

They define a spam blog as one that can be recognized by their irrelevant, repetitive, or nonsensical text, along with a large number of links, usually all pointing to a single site.

Well if I thought my writing sucked before, I sure do now, what with my obviously irrelevant, repetitive and nonsensical text.

Blogger also says this about spam blogs – They may scrape content from other sites on the web, using other people’s writing to make it look as though they have useful information of their own.

Well the only thing I ever take from other blogs is the BQotD. Therefore I must be a spam blog because I think other people are funny and want to recognize them.

Bad Shna.

What a way to make a blogger feel good.

Saying that my blog is a spam blog is tantamount to saying “Hey there blogger, you suck.”

Thanks so much.

And just to tell blogger to shove it, here is the BQotD from The Sarcastic Journalist
*Number of times my child vomited on me due to the anesthesia: 2
Number of times she vomited total: 4*




11 responses

23 05 2006
Mama C-ta

Oh man that’s so funny! I originally had my UBR site on blogger and they marked it as a spam blog too. Blogger can just be annoying in so many ways. I loved it while I used it but it was time to move on.

23 05 2006

I agree. If I had a little extra money I would switch right now. 🙂

24 05 2006

Shan, you are not spam. Essentially the whole blog world is jealous of your blogging talents, and is therefore looking to take you out. They will fail in their task, this I promise you.

24 05 2006

Shna, ignore them, they know not what they say. They are obviously mindless idiots!
Love you! Kim

24 05 2006

Okay, I’ve left comments on yours, now you read mine….

25 05 2006
The Mayor

Your blog is obviously not spam. You are not Russian and trying to sell us Generix Viagarrra.

25 05 2006

🙂 Thanks Mayor.

25 05 2006

HOw do they tell you you think you’re spam? Dear Spambot get a life?

25 05 2006

They have word verification when you try to post. If you click on it it says they beleive your blog might be spam. Nice eh?

26 05 2006

hahahah thats funny…..but i think of spam as sites that pop up when you don’t want them to….i chose to go to your site…thats what makes the difference….those idiots

26 05 2006

Well said, LYN!!

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