Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it.

18 05 2006

It is time once again for an installment of
“What milestone, that only people with children will appreciate, did Shna’s son finally reach?”

Welcome, and thank you for coming.

The Boy is now wearing….

Drum roll please…

Big Boy Underpants!

Aren’t you jumping for joy? Standing ovations anyone?

The Boy and I went out the other day to buy his first pair of Big Boy Underpants. Yes, that is what we must call them. The Boy would actually prefer Underwear-pants, but he will settle for Underpants. We had to buy Spider-Man underpants, no others would do. Of course they are the most expensive ones out there, but only the best for my baby. Seriously, if anyone out there has a more cost effective way to get Spider-man underpants, please tell me.
So he has been wearing them all day and actually telling us when he has to go potty, and then actually goes to the potty! What a breakthrough! Before he would tell us he had to go, but when we took off the diaper he had already done the deed….ewww.
He is still sleeping in diapers, but he had a nap today in his underpants and no accidents, YAY!

That’s All Folks!

BQotD from Mama Sutra
*Such a lovely image to have as you cool a bottle for your baby…screaming hummingbirds.*




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