Damn you ice cream, come to my mouth! How dare you disobey me!

12 05 2006

So my sister ( the younger one ) called me today, only to have me call her right back, then proceeded to give me a pep talk about how I need to lose weight.

BQotD from WWTDD
* They could run into a burning house to rescue a puppy who grants wishes and I would still throw a rock at their head when they crossed the front porch. *




3 responses

12 05 2006

Don’t listen to her Shan, rember that she is a dork! You are perfect the way you are!
Love yoy, Kim(your favorite sister)

12 05 2006

you are retarded…i did not give you a pep talk about losing weight!!!! assfacehole…..you guys make me look like a total loser and that is not the case and you know it……..

13 05 2006

Thanks Kim, this just prove that you are indeed my favourite.

Hey assfacehole, if the shoe fits! hahahahHAhahaHA

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