Done and done.

1 05 2006

Update for May 1st 2006 All items in tiny print have been crossed off!

2006 – 30 Things to do this year – In no particular order

1. Paint a portrait of my son, husband, self or all three.
2. Go on a drive in an area near me that I don’t know well. Explore. Throw the map out the window. – Went today with The Boy and my friend Jbone. We went Letterboxing (fun!) and drove all over the place.
3. Take a guided tour of the town where I live.
4. Finish all my scrapbook projects.
5. Make an emergency kit for the car. Include all the essentials: flares, bandages, chocolate.
6. Send Valentine’s cards to all my friends. – Since I completely forgot about V-Day, lets make it Christmas!
7. Make a scrapbook of a memorable occasion — a friend’s wedding, surprise birthday party or just an evening out.
8. Tell a stranger to have a nice day.
9. Make more of my own cards for birthdays, holidays, etc.
10. Re-read my favorite childhood book. (Bonus points for reading it aloud to The Boy.) – I just read my NEW favourite book “Runny Babbit” by Shel Silverstein. And yes I read it to The Boy.
11. Write a thank-you letter to my mother.
12. Spend a whole day doing something fun with The Hubband and the Boy, at a park, the beach or a day trip…whatever stikes our fancy.
13. Clean out my closet; donate everything I haven’t worn in the past year to charity. – When we moved I donated almost all my clothes and tons of other stuff.
14. Take my nieces out for ice cream individually. Listen to their problems and take them as seriously as I would my own.
15. Write in my blog more often….every time I feel like it. – Ha! Doing that right now!
16. Throw a party and invite everyone I really want to be there. Don’t worry about how they’ll all mingle.
17. Donate blood.
18. Forgive someone.
19. Buy a piece from a struggling artist. It could be worth a lot someday.
20. Have my friends over to play board games. – We have our friends Jbone and Nickelback over at least once a month to play games. So awesome.
21. Go bowling.
22. Become more informed about the local political parties.
23. Vote.
24. Apologize more.
25. Take an art class.
26. Take my Sisters out for dinner, just the three of us.
27. Start exercising at least 2 times a week.
28. Eat healthier.
29. Read more. – Oh yeah. Done and Done.
30. Make a list of everything that I’ve done and take myself out to dinner to celebrate my accomplishments.

BQotD From mr. nice guy
*we’ll be sure to mention that her ample form will keep the Gowanus Canal fish happily feasting for a loooong time.*




7 responses

1 05 2006

That’s 6 out of 30 – you may need to step up the pace to make it for the end of the year! In mathematical terms, you have completed 20% of the list in 33% of the time.

1 05 2006

Ahh, no math allowed on this blog! 🙂
I totally forgot about the list, so I haven’t got much done. Now I will be looking at it more so hopefully that will help! 🙂

1 05 2006

Go blogging! And voting! Tis fun!

1 05 2006

What!! No math!! You make up rules as you go along! Not fair!

1 05 2006

Hi Shna! It is your older,more favorite sister. I Think you should live closer…… just a thought,because really, you should plan your life around where the rest of us live. Love ya !!

1 05 2006

ahhah good point kim!

1 05 2006

Hahahhaaahhaahhaa, Oh Kim. You make me laugh. Move closer, HA.–>

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