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8 04 2006

Hey looky here, it’s a new post.

The Hubband and I went to play Pictionary and “Shout about Movies” with friends yesterday. It was so much fun. We played girls against guys – Team Freaking Awesome vs. Team Loser. We are so very creative. Team Freaking Awesome kicked Team Loser to the curb! They lived up to their name no problem.

Our old landlord called today to tell us we wouldn’t be getting our $350 damage deposit back because we left “4 truckloads” of garbage behind.

Four truckloads!

Really, I find that hard to believe, considering I barely even own enough stuff now to fit in four truckloads. We left behind a couch ( outside ), a few pallets ( in the basement that floods ), some cardboard and bags of trash ( only left inside because the trash cans were full and waiting to be picked up ), and a weight bench ( that only got left behind because The Hubband was too lazy to move it in the first place! ).

So the landlord said we could get our DD if we took care of the garbage, that’s just fine and dandy. The Hubband and I went over and loaded up the van; couch, pallets and assorted garbage. Our friend Joan came over with her car and loaded up her trunk with the rest. The only thing left was the weight bench, so we took 1 van load and 1 car trunk load….hmmm, seems so much less than 4 truckloads. We took all the garbage to the local waste management center where they charged us 10 bucks for the crap, and we sold the weight bench to Cash Converters. We put the garbage cans at the curb and called it a day.

I fail to see how having to pay $10 for garbage disposal translates to not getting our $350 damage deposit back…. but apparently I don’t understand how money works.

BQotD From Mr. Nice Guy
* i turn my back for about 12 seconds and when i turn around again to check on her, she’s standing! do you have any idea how creepy this is? it’s like i’m living in a japanese horror movie. *




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9 04 2006

Hi, Mr. New Barbagey Post!

9 04 2006

Hi Nettie. Thanks for reading me.
– Mr. New Barbagey Post

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