And God Said …

31 03 2006

To follow up with yesterday’s post about whether the pastor thinks that God would approve of cloning – No, he does not think God would approve.

I am not feeling well today, stuffed up and coughing, so I will leave you now with 2 BQotD (because I forgot yesterday, bad Shna.)

BQotD 1 -From Chookooloonks
* it true that by the time you leave the stylist, your head will be round and smooth? Round and smooth like … well, like this coconut, here?*

BQotD 2 -From WWTDD
*it’s kinda weird that the only people who attack other people with champagne bottles are rappers and Joan Collins.*




3 responses

31 03 2006

Sorry to hear you are sick, the kids are both sick too. i have cleaned uo more puke this week than should realistically come out of such a little person. Well, enjoy your trip!! love ya!!

31 03 2006

Oh Thanks for the puke visual, yum. As for the trip, I will enjoy, oh yeah! 🙂

31 03 2006

Poor thing, I hope you feel better! Take some you-time!

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