I left The Boy in San Francisco.

29 03 2006

Actually I left him with my parents … for 3 weeks. HA! He is staying there until I return from Ontario. I slept in today and am eating pie for breakfast. Life is good.

I had a good time visiting everyone back home – My Sisters, parents and Gramie. Unfortunately they didn’t give me any good stories, damn them. A friend of mine from High School had a baby that I got to meet. She was so tiny, I couldn’t believe it. Makes you want to have another one, until you go back home to the screeching banshee and decide against it.

10 days until I get to see Hedder! I am about to freak out. Seriously, if I was anymore excited there would me 3 of me. Now that’s a scary thought.

Speaking of cloning ( Oh shut up) When I was at home I went to church with my mommy. The Sunday school teacher wasn’t there so mom started to teach class. Her idea of teaching is to read the entire lesson aloud. That’s it…boring. About 30 seconds into it I couldn’t take it any more so I took over. Ahhhh. I was trying to spark a discussion, so I would read a little then ask questions. All I got were blank stares. The entire lesson consisted almost entirely of me and my mom talking and me trying to get my cousin involved. Then the Pastor came in…. somehow we had got on the topic of whether or not God would approve of Cloning. So I asked the Pastor who just stared at me and said “what’s today’s lesson about?” So I told him “not that, we got a little off topic.” Then I had to close in prayer. The first time I have ever prayed out loud, it was horrible. There you have it – my first (and last) venture into Sunday School Teaching.




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29 03 2006

Hi Shna,

Hope you are recovering from your Sunday School disaster…lol.

I just found your blog by doing the ‘next blog’ thing at the top of the page. I’m looking forward to reading more. If you get a chance check out my Q&A blog called The Big Question (http://bigquestion2day.blogspot.com). Every day I post a new question then my readers respond. Come answer a few question if you want. I love reading the answers from all the diverse people that visit.

Take care,

29 03 2006

3 weeks of freedom!!!!! Hooray!!!

29 03 2006

What, the pastor didn’t give you an answer?

30 03 2006

Just accidentally typed in your URL without the “12” and got the Spanish Shna.

30 03 2006

Yeah, I tried to just use shna with no 12 at the beginning but she beat me to it!

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