Mawage! Mawage is what bwings us togeder today.

21 03 2006

This is one of those posts that you just have to dive in to. Not that it’s important or anything, just that in order for me to write something I have to just write and write without over thinking it.
My anniversary is tomorrow – 3 years of Wedded Bliss. Bliss I say, bliss! The Hubband is taking me out to dinner (yay) and The Boy is going to a sitter (double yay). There couldn’t be a better present – food and toddler free time.
On Friday The Boy and I are going to visit my parents for the weekend and The Boy is staying there for 3 weeks! Then in April I am going to visit the coolest friend ever (shout out to Heddar) for a week of debauchery. Ha. I am so excited about this, excited to the max. Hold on to your g-string Chippendale, here we come!
This post is excruciatingly boring but that’s what you get when you let Shna loose on the computer – aka the “pacuter” courtesy of The Boy.

BQotD From WaiterRant
And if you don’t know what Soylent Green is, don’t worry.
Its organic.




5 responses

21 03 2006
The Mayor

So, you’re coming to Toronto?

Mitchieville is very close to Toronto. If you do indeed make your way down to the City of Tears, maybe the little Danish girl and I can take you out for a night on the town. If your time permits.

Unfortunatly, City funds won’t be able to pay for your night, so you’re on your own as far as that’s concerned.

Mull it over. Give it some deep mulling.

21 03 2006

Hey Mayor are you serious? That would be pretty cool to meet the little Danish girl she sounds great. My friend and I are going to Toronto for a night or two so that would be really fun to meet the infamous Mayor. And then you could meet the infamous Shna….

21 03 2006

Hi Shna, happy anniversary!! See you soon.Love you! Kim

21 03 2006

blah blah blah…boring

21 03 2006

Thnaks Kim -Love you too.

Thanks Lyn, I really appreciate that.

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