7 03 2006

So I am sitting here after a nice walk, bored and sleepy. It is freaking delicious outside. I am practically sweating at the mere prospect of summer. I lurve summer.
As you may or may not know – my birthday is coming up this month. I accept checks, money orders and cash. My favourite colours are blues, deep reds and silver. I love chocolate, books and art supplies. There that should be enough info for all of you to decide what to do for my birthday.
My bestest buddy Hedder has it all figured out! She is giving me an awesome gift. It is phenomenal, wonderful and fantastic. She has bought me a round trip ticket to come and visit her in Ontario! YAY! I am beyond excited, I am delirious. I lurve Hedder. Absolutely lurve her.

BQotD from Callaloo Soup
*When I start working again I’ll have to ask Lucas how it works, to be sure I don’t commit any faux pas by kissing (or not kissing) my male boss by mistake.*




3 responses

7 03 2006

It’s actually a self-serving gift, but if it makes us both happy- it’s all good!!

7 03 2006

Gotta love self serving gifts – Especially when they serve 2 selves! lol 🙂

8 03 2006

Trew dat yo.

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