I don’t know what a snail would want with a broach!

25 02 2006

I have the keys! We are starting the move on Monday, so I won’t be posting much for a while. I should be back soon with lots of amusing, but most likely boring, stories of our move. So you need not worry about that!

BQotD From Nettie
*I mean, first it was the fair. And give me credit, I didn’t know I was going to throw up when Janna said, “Oh, just one more ride.” *




2 responses

1 03 2006

You know, it’s even funnier when you say it! I’m honored!

3 03 2006

coem back alerady its gettin boring on here
not like you aren’t mysisere and i cant lk to you whenrver but its just bette onhere……

piece of pie out

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