Hop inside my mouth… if you want to live.

19 02 2006

There is a festival here called the Jack Frost Children’s Winterfest. They had 2 characters – Spiderman and Nemo visit a local restaurant today. The Boy and I went there for breakfast and I told him there would be a surprise for him. The look of wonder and astonishment on his face was priceless. It is times like these when I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you his face.

At the risk of sounding like one of those mommies whose child is always doing things in a much cooler way than your child could ever hope to…It was magical, really.

He hugged Spiderman and Nemo, made them hug each other, gave Nemo a kiss on his fish lips and told Spiderman repeatedly “you got eyes.” It was great to see him so ridiculously happy! He couldn’t stop talking about them after we left. I got a few pictures, he wouldn’t hold still for very long so I hope they turn out.

On a less charming note, when we got home The Boy asked for some toast with butter. No problem, mommy to the rescue. Made him some toast, then he wanted more. Ok, I was just buttering it when he came into the kitchen. He saw what I was doing and said “No mommy, put in the toaster!” So I told him I had already done that and was buttering it and cutting it for him. He was not pleased. More yelling. I put the toast on the table and walked away. He followed me still yelling about the toaster, then he went back got the plate and brought it to me and dumped the toast on the floor! I told him to pick it up and my darling Said “No! You pick it up!” Right. You’re welcome.
In the end he picked it all up and ate it. So much for the 5 second rule…

BQotD – From waiterrant
*My problem’s like wanting to eat the hamburger without having to meet the cow*




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19 02 2006

Least he didn’t waste it…

19 02 2006

lol 🙂

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