Has the fact that you’re completely psycho managed to escape your attention?

8 02 2006

Lets play a game – it’s called Comment or I Kill You.
Well, I probably won’t actually kill you…there are many reasons why I won’t. One major reason being the whole Thou shalt not kill thing. The other major reason would be I do not know where all of you live and am too lazy to find out.

So now that we have that cleared up – I know that a while back lots of bloggers had the de-lurking week and for some insane reason I did not participate. Now I have decided to do it. I am having my own de-lurking week only I will be calling it Comment or I Kill You Week.

So if there is anyone out there reading and not commenting – be warned.
Those of you who read and do comment occasionally are not exempt from my killing spree should you choose to not comment during Comment or I Kill You Week.

Thank you, that is all.




9 responses

8 02 2006
Nowhere Man

hello I’m the hubband and I was told to comment so as a good hubband I am you blog is great keep up the good work

8 02 2006

Thanks Hubband. You will be spared.

As for the rest of you …..*evil stare*

8 02 2006

Ummm.. great entry? Please don’t beat me, I hate pain.

9 02 2006

Hey Hedder! No need to worry, you commented therefore, you are off the pain list!

9 02 2006

Uh oh. Missed a day of reading your blog!

9 02 2006

I’m shaking in my boots! please spare me! lol

I think I need a delurking week as well 😉

10 02 2006

Thanks go out to MJ and Francine…two more names I can cross off my assassination list.
Well played ladies, well played.

12 02 2006
Fenris Badwulf

An excellent way to reduce stress is to call people at random out of the phone book and try to sell them goods or services.

Nine out of ten Canadians prefer chocolate fudge to electric shock to the genitals.

The most efficient way to purify Plutonium involves a compound that is found in peanut butter.

Evil scientists have grafted foot fungus DNA onto Ebola, make a foot dissolving contagion, that is usually not fatal but promotes good hygene.

12 02 2006

Thank you Fenris, I feel smarter already. And now I don’t have to kill you – which is nice.

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