You know something princess, you are ugly when you’re angry.

5 02 2006
As promised here is some more info about my gorgeous family. There are more to follow even after this (!) but for now here are the siblings and their insignificant others – oldest to youngest and then their children.
Special K-

Shna’s older and wiser sister. The one who, at a particularly hairy time in her life, carried an industrial sized bottle of hairspray in her purse at all times. Thankfully that time has passed and she has merged into a smart and beautiful woman who has 2 daughters and a husband.

Finn –

The one who is Special K’s man-servant. Good husband and father of 2 of my favourite nieces.

Nurse Matilda –

The Hubband’s younger sister. The one who is a palliative care nurse.  Hence the nickname.

PeeJay –

The one who is Nurse Matilda’s man-slave and resident wise ass.

Pretty Boy –

The oldest of The Hubband’s younger twin brothers. The one who is so pretty he can barely stand himself.

Jenny from the Block –

Pretty Boy’s wife. The one who is obviously blinded by love.

Kung Fu Brother –

The other brother in the twin set – The one who is Licensed to kill.

Jay-may –

The Yin to Kung Fu Brother’s Yang. The marathoner who ran away with Kung Fu’s heart.

L L Heart Lay-

Shna’s self absorbed Little Sister.  The one who is the most annoying.

Beetle –

Special K and Finn’s oldest daughter. The one who is the most like me…always reading.

Ray-Ray –

Special K and Finn’s youngest daughter. The one who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips.

Little D –

Nurse Matilda’s son. The one who talks too much.

Little Boy bleu –

Jenny from the block and Pretty Boy’s Oldest son.  The Loud one.

Li I Am

The only child of Kung Fu Brother and Jay-May.  The Quiet one.

Hey Lee!

The First grand-daughter on The Hubband’s side of the family and Jenny from the block and Pretty Boy’s only daughter.


Nurse Matilda and PeeJay’s newest…as yet unborn…She is in labour this minute so time will tell!




5 responses

5 02 2006

I haven’t been able to access any blogg stuff for 3 days- what the heck??? Nice pix, Hubbands sis looks very different from when I met here…

5 02 2006

I meant her, not here.

5 02 2006

Maybe you met her boyfriend, not her husband. Yeah that’s probably what happened.

5 02 2006

Everytime I log onto your blog a Microsoft prompt comes up to fix my Word program. Fix it.

6 02 2006

I don’t know how…sorry 🙂

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