Everything you know is wrong…

1 02 2006

Black is white, up is down and short is long. And everything you thought was just so important doesn’t matter.

I feel like a horse’s ass right now.

I feel betrayed, and I feel like I’m not a very good friend.
I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense right now, in fact I don’t know if it will ever make sense. I will try to explain it the best I can.

Friends of mine, Jack and Dee are getting divorced. This in itself, while a horrible thing for anyone to go through, is not the end of the world. They have been separated since Christmas. Jack has gone to his parents house with their daughter Fee, and he was the one to call me last week and tell me the story of their break up. He told me a host of things about Dee that I won’t get into here, and I believed every word he said. I have known Jack longer than Dee so naturally I trusted my friend.
Today I went for a drive and decided that Dee is not an awful person and doesn’t deserve to be cast aside, so I went to visit her. I was the second person, of all her so called friends, to visit her. She cried many times and told me her side of the story. I listened to her as she punched holes in everything Jack had told me. Not only did Jack lie to me, he made Dee promise not to tell anyone about their separation until it was finalized, saying he didn’t want to get their parents involved and upset. Then he told his parents, called and emailed all his friends, all their mutual friends and told them his sordid side of events. I am sad, bewildered. I thought this man was my friend. I thought theirs was the perfect marriage. I am so sad for Dee and Fee. Fee is caught in the middle of what will be an extremely messy custody battle.

I don’t know what to think anymore.




4 responses

31 01 2006

should you be writing about this on your blog?

31 01 2006

why not, no real names no details

1 02 2006

What the hell is going on??? This is the complete opposite of what we knew of the man in question as far as him as a person.

1 02 2006

exactly…that is why I am so bewildered–>

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