In Soviet Union only after 2 days can scumbag talk to lawyer.

23 01 2006

I have been blog surfing a lot lately, so much safer than regular surfing. I almost never fall off my chair.
I have noticed a lot of this Weird Meme…something like name 5 weird things about yourself. Well, I decided that since most of my blog is dedicated to the weird things about me, I don’t need to do this meme. However I will be doing it just the same.

So here it is 5 Weird Things about me.

1. I am ashamed to admit that at one point in my life – a point in my life where I was a misguided tomboy- that I had….a Rattail. Oh sweet lord my eyes are burning just remembering that. Hey, is that weird or just embarrassing? Hmmm, I’ll let you figure it out.

2. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with containers. Not Tupperware containers but old tin boxes, mint tins, cigar boxes and just any quirky shaped or coloured container. I see them and I have to have them. I must own a box that I will put in another box for safe keeping. I told you it was slightly unhealthy.

3. I am a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. No, not the Governator, I much prefer the Terminator. I have most of his movies and can watch them without watching them. You know maybe this one isn’t really weird so much as sad.

4. I snort when I laugh. I don’t find this one weird myself, but the giggling and pointing I get when it happens seems to prove otherwise.

5. I am not what some would call a “crier”. I can’t cry when it’s appropriate, like at Funerals. I am that weirdo stifling her laughter and trying not to say anything. However, if someone hurts my feelings I cry like The Mayor* when he gets kicked in the balls. So in that respect you can call me a crier. Or a wuss, but you shouldn’t kick a person when they’re down.

*my apologies to The Mayor




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