I hate to be predictable, but I don’t give a shit!

19 01 2006

I started this blog because I was bored. I thought it would be fun to share experiences with people on the internet. Maybe make some internet friends, you know stupid stuff like that. I told myself it would be an online journal and I wouldn’t care if nobody read it. Well the truth can come out now. I can’t stand that no one reads my blog. I guess I am not funny or a particularly good writer, so what did I expect. I don’t know…I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and most of the ones I like are just like mine. They don’t talk about anything profound, just everyday observations. Anyway, I am kinda feeling sorry for myself today, having this blog is like leaving your diary open on the lunch table at work and when they find out who wrote it no one bothers to read.
Wow that was depressing….However that being said, I am taking a indefinite leave of absence from my blog. Maybe when I come back I’ll have better stuff to write, or maybe I just won’t care.

*for those of you that do read … Thanks, it meant a lot.

Bye bye for now!

Hey, maybe when I come back I won’t be such a depressing jack ass. That would probably be good.




7 responses

19 01 2006

no don’t go i’ll miss you

19 01 2006

don’t go! i love your blog! i read it in silence and i have just started my own blog, but there is nothing on it yet!!!

19 01 2006

WHAT??????????????? Shanna, what the hell is going on??? I will not accept this as a blog. I will not write anymore on mine then, that’s it.

20 01 2006

Read my new post please.

21 01 2006
The Mayor

When I started blogging, the first month or so, there would be days when I got 5 hits. The second month there were days when I got 7 hits.

I’ve been blogging for just over a year now, and some days I’m up to 12 hits.

See? Never give up, the numbers will come!

BTW, you are a good writer, just keep slugging away.

22 01 2006

Thanks Mayor! All these bloggers lifting my spirits, really means a lot.

24 01 2006

I have to apologise! I’ve been a bad blog friend and not reading yours as often as you read mine. But I’m gonna link to you on my blog now, that’s the only way I can remember to check blogs cause I have a seive for brains 🙂

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