So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. – # 2

9 01 2006

As promised here is Part Two of my List of 30 Things to do this year-

11. Write a thank-you letter to my mother.
12. Spend a whole day doing something fun with The Hubband and the Boy.
13. Clean out my closet; donate everything I haven’t worn in the past year to charity.
14. Take my nieces out for ice cream individually. Listen to their problems and take them as seriously as I would my own.
15. Write in my blog more often…every time I feel like it.
16. Throw a party and invite everyone I really want to be there. Don’t worry about how they’ll all mingle.
17. Donate blood.
18. Forgive someone.
19. Buy a piece from a struggling artist. It could be worth a lot someday.
20. Have my friends over to play board games -whether they like it or not!.




One response

9 01 2006

I think you forgot one: have more Shna time.

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