The moon unit will be divided into two divisions: Moon Unit Alpha and Moon Unit Zappa.

7 01 2006

Woke up this morning, took a shower and walked out to the kitchen naked and started doing the dishes. Folded some laundry, tidied up the living room – all naked. Ahh, it was great. I highly recommend doing housework in the wee hours of the morning buck ass nekkid.

The woman I am babysitting for called me yesterday to say she didn’t need me – a friend of hers offered to take her daughter out to the movies – no problem, see you tomorrow.
I get a call this morning – she doesn’t need me today either.
Whatever. No problem really, she is technically my boss so if she wants to give me the day off….I’m cool with that. I will be seeing her next week – I think!

Speaking of naked ( see above) – Went in to town the other day and forgot to bring the diaper bag for the Boy. Needless to say he shat himself. Twice. So no diapers, send the Hubband to clean him off as best he can and then the Boy went commando. Oh baby, he didn’t have to pee or poop at all after that. He didn’t go till 4 hours later at home. We had company and he was so excited he peed on the kitchen floor! We are very proud of him for going as long as he did, and we think (or rather hope) that had he not been so excited he would have told us he needed to pee.

Found out that The Mayor of Mitchieville has discovered my dirty little secret. I am a silent lurker on his blog and I have linked him from mine. Nothing new really, I am a lurker on most of the blogs I read. Seems that I am just as shy in the anonymous realm of the internet as I am in real life. I know it’s stupid, and no way to make friends, but I still have trouble talking to people before they talk to me. In real life and here I still seem to need the people to make the first move. How depressing.
Anyhoo – Thanks for mentioning me Mayor, you just might see me in your ol’ comments box one day. Look out.




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8 01 2006

I completely hear you on the talking bit… I hate making the first move.

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