Three feet of angry.

6 01 2006

Some random things for you….


I am babysitting later today. It should be interesting, I have not babysat anyone (other than family) since I was in grade 10. And I did not like it. Other peoples kids annoy me for the most part. This will be different I hope.

I watched the new show “Four Kings” last night. Regardless of what other people say, I liked it. I guess I just like anything Seth Green. I love that guy…so tiny, so cute, so funny.

I finished reading the Coronation Street book the Hubband gave me for Christmas a few days ago. It was 1000 pages long…whew. It was good, very informative and interesting.

The Boy is watching the cartoon “George Shrinks” – about a boy who is only a few inches tall – whose last name is Shrinks, how clever. I don’t like it.

Ham Sandwich. Yum Yum.




2 responses

6 01 2006

Shna, I just read your blog, and I’m eating a ham sandwich….trippy…

6 01 2006


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