I still maintain he kicked himself in the balls.

29 12 2005

So now that all the Christmas Cheer is over I am feeling rather blue. I am officially OUT of the Christmas Mood, I even want to take down the tree….RIGHT NOW.
I won’t though…I think the Hubband would want it up longer.
Oh well.

I had a really good Christmas….
The Hubband gave me a Coronation Street Book.
Big Sis got us 2 games, Brew-opoly(Really Fun!) Shout about movies and a snow-woman in a box.
Little sis got me chocolate, Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture DVD, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
Parents got me way too much….I try to tell them every year that they don’t have to “buy me” but they do it anyway. Sheets for The Boy’s bed and mine, (4 sets in all) a subscription to a magazine that I wanted, some misc. things in my sock – scrapping stickers, disposable camera, ornament for the tree.
Grammie got me an Alfred Sung Wallet (complete with money…way to go gram!), a sweater and sheets for the Boy’s bed.
There, I think that is everything…anyway the gifts don’t matter really. I got to spend some time with my parents, sisters and Grammie. I got to see my nieces… they are too cute. That’s what matters. I even had a Christmas fight with my little sister. That’s the true meaning of Christmas.




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5 04 2006

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