Come back you fat bearded bitch!

2 12 2005

OK I am bored.
I have filled a questionnaire thingy of about 100 questions and I am going to post them here. Don’t worry, I won’t post them all at once. I am posting 10 right now and the rest when ever I feel like it, so there. I may never post any more…who knows? Only the shadow knows.

Have you ever….
Crashed a car?
Yes, on more than one occasion! Just ask J-Bone!
Stolen a car?
Had a crush on a teacher?
Nope, all my teachers were either old and ugly, or old ugly women.
Been in love?
Yes, twice. One of those I am still “in”. 🙂
Been dumped?

*hangs head in shame* yes.
Been fired?
Been in a fist fight?
Oh yeah. Several. I have what you may describe as a “slight temper”.
Been in a car accident?
Yes. See above, car crashes!
Been arrested?




One response

6 12 2005

the question should of been “have you ever stolen a DOG with your car”…. yeah I said it

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