I’ll be back. Ha, you didn’t know I was going to say that!

29 11 2005

Christmas is fast approaching and this makes me happy. I lurve Christmas, yes eets true.
My sister was quite astonished to hear that I have no decorations up at all…Horror of Horrors! I don’t like to put the tree up too early (we are putting it up on the 17th this year) and we have no decorations to speak of, so we can’t actually put anything up. My sis on the other hand, puts hers up as soon as humanly possible. She has hers up now and the house is entirely decorated! Ahh. Way too early for me. We are having a Tree Trimming Party this year. It should be fun. I am planning a scavenger hunt for the victims, err I mean guests. I am pretty excited about this party…Yeah Christmas.

Wow. This post sucks.




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