Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

25 11 2005

I think I have officially gone insane.
I looked up the definition of the word insane and I am unsatisfied with the answer provided. One definition was mentally disordered. What the hell does that mean? Really, anyone who is feeling a little out of sorts, upset, is having a tough time in their relationships or is just plain angry has a mind that is disordered! Seriously, what kind of definition is that? It hardly explains anything. Another one was this tidbit of genius – Of, exhibiting, or afflicted with insanity. How can the word you are looking up be its own definition? Am I the only person who thinks that is weird?
I watched Dr. Phil the other day when he was trying to demystify schizophrenia, let the public know that schizophrenics are not all people to be afraid if. One woman described how she sees people turning in to demons or decomposing, or even sometimes sees people as angels, it was an enlightening episode.
Then that night the show Criminal Minds was about a man who was mentally unstable (not sure if it was schizophrenia) and was holding people on a train hostage until the “higher authority” removed the chip in his arm. I thought it fitting that just as one person tries to make something less scary, someone else turns around and says “wait this is really frightening and you should be very afraid.”
Maybe I am reading way to much in this coincidence, but I can’t help it, it’s what I do.
I’m that girl at the coffee shop who takes it as a personal assault when the clerk smiles at the person in front of me and not at me…it must be a conspiracy.




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25 11 2005

Why have you officially gone insane???

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