I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

21 11 2005

Went to the flea market today. WOW. My life is full of thrills and chills….I know. We bought a desk for The Boy…for 5 bucks! He was sitting in it and I asked him if he liked his new desk, he said “no, I love my new desk!” Haha. His new favourite thing is saying “I love it” He got a winter jacket from his grandparents and he told me he loved it as well. Nothing new today really, besides the thrilling tale of the flea market desk, and you can only tell a good story like that once in while.

I have decided to give the public what it wants, and as soon as I figure out just who “the public” are and what exactly “they” want, I will give it to “them”. And how. For now I will just write whatever I feel like at the moment, and right now the moment feels like a list.
“A list?” you say. I know, what innovation! What imagination! It astounds even me.
Here it is my list of random things that I like.
1. Cake – Chocolate Cake.
2. Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies – all except Red Sonja (worst movie ever) and the Conan series.
3. Mini things – mini shampoos, toothpastes etc.
4. Cartoons – like Spongebob, and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.
5. Socks – just because.




2 responses

21 11 2005

You can never go wrong with a flea market special…

I’ll go with number 1- obviously, and number 3- but, I don’t like EVERYTHING mini…(insert wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

21 11 2005

Ha HA ha

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