You’re not so tough without your car, are ya?

19 11 2005

I love to blog. Even though is seems no one in their right mind (except my sister, who’s not really all there) reads my blog. That annoys me. If no one is listening to my rants, I might as well be talking to myself. Which wouldn’t be that different from a regular day. Oh well, I am not one to give up, actually I am but why bother. So in effect I am giving up on giving up. That is a new one even for me.
I will plod along and eventually my readership will be up to 4.

Here is my list for today.
A random assortment of my embarrassing moments.
1. Running to catch the bus for school and tripping and falling under it.
2. Sitting on a girls lap on the bus when she slapped me so hard I fell on the floor.
3. Most anytime I am near my sister (the younger one) because she makes fun of everything. The way I dress, the way I dress The Boy, my lack of makeup, my unibrow, etc, etc.
4. The time I was in class and said “Boy am I glad that guy who sits behind me isn’t here today, I can’t stand him” only to discover that I am stupid and he is sitting across from me that day.

There that is enough for one day. We can continue this exercise in making fun of Shna at a later date.
Thank you and good day.




5 responses

19 11 2005

This post has been removed by the author.

19 11 2005

What the hell?? I read your blogs- am I effing chopped liver?????

19 11 2005

And you do not have a unibrow. This coming from your sister, who’s probably tweezed 99% of her eyebrows off.

19 11 2005

Rheems you are one of the four in their right mind! Really. 🙂

20 11 2005

I have AMAZING eyebrows thank you very much. And I don’t say you have a unibrow just unruly eyebrows thats all. I am quite upset about that comment.

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