I’m not into politics, I’m into survival.

17 11 2005

After looking at some of my previous posts such as I am not shitting on you, You are not sending me to the cooler, and The difference is… I’m just going to kill you, I have noticed an alarming trend toward talking about The Boy’s bowel movements. As my sister so kindly pointed out – too much talk of poop. She even suggested in her own blog an alternative- Why don’t you just write about your bathroom visits. Like what they look like and smell like and feel like in your hands. I don’t think I will be going in that exact direction but suffice it to say “No more poo talk, for a while at least.” Maybe I should go back to my lists…back when I only had one reader as opposed to the three I have now. Yeah that’s probably a good idea, but I’ll save it for the next post. Right now I have more pressing things on my mind, like this –

How often do you change your answering machine or talk mail message? My friend Joan always has the weirdest ones. She and her fiancee Nick are always leaving messages for each other in theirs, which always confuses the crap (I swear that’s not going to be about poo) out of me. For instance the message they have right now goes something like this “Hi you’ve reached Joan and Nick we’re not here right now so please leave a message. And Nick, I’m at Shna’s if you need me you can reach me there, okay bye.” So here I am calling her and I have that momentary loss of reality when I look around to see if she actually is here….nope, disappointed again. 😦




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