You are not sending me to the cooler.

16 11 2005

Wille Nelson has a Reggae Album?! WTH? I’m sorry but who in their right mind would ever tell Mr. Nelson that he should venture in to the world of Reggae? He is a Country Man! A Country Man….good gravy. Anyhoo, another update on the Poop Front. The boy is now passing what looks exactly like Chunky Peanut Butter and has the delightful fragrance of something in Satan’s personal toilet. On a less putrid note, The Boy and I were colouring yesterday and listening to music. The Song Born to be Wild comes on and he drops everything, stands up and proceeds to rock out for 30 secs. Then sits back down and goes on like nothing happened! The kid cracks me up. He also came to see me this morning after watching his father shave and tried to shave my beard. Thanks buddy, it was really starting to itch.




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14 03 2006
Silver Fox

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