I’m looking for Red Sonja

9 11 2005

So I just discovered some weird Holidays. My fav is National Panic Day, March 9th. I have decided to celebrate this one and I have added a ticker so that I can be prepared! Boo Ya Baby! Panic Day here I come. I wonder what you are supposed to do to celebrate Panic Day? Just panic? I can do that, easy. What kind of decorations are there? I may have to figure this one out for my self. Ok I just googled Panic Day and I found this. It is too funny. Anyhoo, The Boy came in to my bed last night. He crawled in crying, put his arm around my neck and kept saying “what’s going on, mom?” “what’s going on, mom?” My lord the kid cracks me up. I don’t even know what you he’s talking about, what’s going on….Ha. Well I need a list for today so here it is… Things That Bug Me.
1. My sister Laine, because she can, and she does. All. The. Time.
2. Tags in underwear….I mean really what is the point?
3. Spelling errors. Great now I will have the spelling police all over every little mistake I make (and by spelling police I mean Laine….another reason why she bugs me!
4. Bras…hate them.
5. People in stores that decide they don’t want something and put it wherever they happen to be, so then I come in and find a pound of beef in the flower display.
6. People who tan. Just because I can only burn.
7. People in general.
There, that is just a tiny, miniscule part of my List of Things That Bug Me. Oh well it can be a recurring feature. Ha.




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