I’m the Party-Pooper

8 11 2005

I was just reading my sister’s blog wherein she has laid down a challenge. Find rhymes for these ten words Angst, Breadth, Bulb, Depth, Eighth, Gulf, Month, Ninth, Twelfth, Sixth. So in the great sisterly fashion I am taking up this challenge! Now the question remains, How many of these words am I gonna have to make up?

AngstFangst “The Vampire was horribly fangst”
Bulb– Sulb “I’m sorry I coulbn’t sulb da crime, I hab a colb.”
DepthKepth “I will be very kepthful with this vase.”
GulfSulf “So I said to my sulf, Sulf look on the bright side.”
MonthFunth “I had so much Funth this month!”
NinthFindth “We were finally able to findth the missing jewels.”
TwelfthFellth “My sister fellth down the stairs, probably because I pushed her.”

Well there you have it folks! We’ll see you next time on The Words are Wrong, and remember, have your pet spayed or neutered!




One response

9 11 2005

In actuality, this are all words from the english language- go drink a bottle of a tasty alcohol- laden beverage, and they will make perfect sense.

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