I don’t do requests.

7 11 2005

I am having a hard time writing something for today….I can’t seem to focus on one thing. My mind is a little jumpy. So My list for today will be fun with words.
The first 6 words that pop into my head and the other 6 that I think of do to free association.
1. Peanuts – Shells
2. Bed – Sleepy
3. Farts – Smelly
4. Ice Cream – Cold
5. Chocolate – Cookies
6. Pickles – Yum Yum

So there it is. I love going to Flea Markets. We went to one on Sunday and I picked up 3 tin signs for 7 bucks. Pretty good deal I thought. I love seeing all the awesome things for sale, looking to walk away with a deal, hunting for those special items you hope to find! It’s all so much fun….Unless you have a very annoyed little boy with you. One who would like nothing better than to run around screeching and licking people. That’s right, my son licks strangers. He once licked a stair step because he was upset at his babysitter.




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7 11 2005

I can never figure out how to do anything I want to do on my blog. It is very frustrating. I can’t put a picture on my blog, I can’t put links on my blog, I don’t even know how to make the “about me” stuff show on the first page!! This whole blog think is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way nice entry…very enlightening.

8 11 2005

Shna, dude, you crack me up.

8 11 2005

read tour blog today funny as usual

love, your husband

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