Who slices his enemies into quivering bloody sushi?

5 11 2005

Day three of this blog adventure and I have offically hooked three other people to blogging! HA. My plan for world Dominiation is coming together nicely….yes. *evil laughter*
I did not sleep well last night because The Boy decided to come and sleep on top of me, again. Man that kid can take up a whole bed all by himself…..drives me CRAZY.
My list today will be
6 People I should call more often
6. Amanda – my cousin who claims that I am HER favourite but yet never calls me.
5. Sheila – My Aunt who is out of her mind, but that is why we connect so well.
4. Heather – My friend who just likes to hear the sound of my voice, she should be so lucky.
3. Joan – My friend who lives right around the corner, but who I talk far too much to over the net.
2. Al – My uncle, just because he is my Favourite.
1. Babe – My husband, because I am on the net so much he never sees me let alone talks to me!




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6 11 2005

You smell funny

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