I do not want to touch his ass. I want to make him talk.

4 11 2005

Well here I am again. I am officially addicted to this blog. Somebody stop me! On second thought, don’t because I love this thing. So I went to a Fantasia party this evening. I bought a warming Massager thingy….you break this chip inside and it heats up. Then it hardens and you have to boil it to use it again… LOVE IT! Very toasty warm. What could be toastier, except maybe toast!
So far I am still undecided about my theme. I have however, decided that it will not be Jeffrey Dahmer or Movies. Damn movies. What else could it be? Any ideas….anyone? Anyone? Hello…anyone out there? Can anybody hear me?




One response

4 11 2005

Would this be the crazed rantings???

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