Every realtor is just a ninja in a blazer.

9 01 2011

I miss blogging.  I really do.  I used to stay up insanely late and write things about my life, my son, work….everything.  Now I just stay up late.  Eating, watching idiots on tv, staring blankly and stumbling – on the internet and just in the living room.

I keep coming here and reading my old posts.  I love how I can come here and remember all the fun or crazy or just plain weird things The Boy did or said.  It makes me laugh and wish that I had kept up this blog for The Babe.

So I have decided to continue this as a way of documenting BOTH my boys 🙂  And I have a real doozy for the first entry of the new year!

The Boy who is now 7, was asking the Hubband and I what our alternatives for his name were when he was born.  The Babe now 3, was busy playing in his room, seemingly oblivious to our conversation.

The Boy – What would my name have been if I was a girl?

Me– You would have been called Ava.

The Boy*Laughs* What about The Babe?

Me – Well if The Babe was a girl he would have been called Ziva.

The Babe*Running wildly in to the living room* “I’M NOT A GIRL!” *Runs away*

*The Hubband The Boy and I all have a laugh*

The Boy– Babe, you used to be an egg.

The Babe*Now with more anger and yelling louder* “I’M NOT AN EGG!”  *Runs away again*

*The Hubband, The Boy and I are still laughing….*

The Babe *Now he has had enough and runs in pointing his tiny little finger at us and yelling* “YOU’RE ALL LOSERS!”




When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist.

1 06 2010

I am feeling very odd lately.  Tired but can’t sleep, hungry but I just ate….an all over strange.  Fun?  Not so much.

I am also feeling very unfulfilled.  I want to work on my hobbies but I keep finding myself surfing the internet for hours at ungodly times of night.  Not worth my time at all.  I am only posting here now because my sister didn’t answer her phone and I feel like my head will explode if I don’t get some stuff off my chest.  Virtual barfing.  Feels good.

6 things I should do….

1 – Finish the veil I am making for my cousin’s wedding.

2 – Get my shit together for a yard sale.

3 – Get a new bed for my sons before the bunk bed they have now collapses on their wee little heads.

4 – Get a new bed for myself and the Hubband before we get permanent curves in our spines.

5 – Finally get my eyes checked and get new glasses before I go blind.

6 – Get a better job.

7 – BONUS – Stop complaining.

Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can’t see where it keeps its brain.

18 01 2010

Just watched some of the Golden Globes if only to see Ricky Gervais.  Love that guy.  Mo’Nique made me all weepy with her emotional speech for her win.  Awesome.  I gave up when Meryl got her award for Julie and Julia. NOthing wrong with it, I just got bored.  Bored with it all.  I would rather have just watched all the Ricky bits.  Just a show of him introducing people and laughing at his own jokes.

Also, Julia Roberts’ mouth seems to have gotten bigger.  Maybe it’s just me.

Madonna is creepy.  Kinda off topic but true none the less.

Hell yeah we should get some road beers!

9 01 2010

So it seems that I haven’t changed a bit since my last post…what, over 2 years ago?  I am still awake at the most ridiculous times of night and I still have nothing to say but I say it anyway.

I have decided that I will bring back my blog.  I came back once before but that was a lie apparently.  This time I mean it.  Really.

I am also bringing back my “lists of 6 things”  that I’m sure no one remembers or cares about.  Least of all me.  However it is something so here it goes.

6 Things I did today

( or rather yesterday seeing as it is after 3 am)

1- Started to read the second book in the Heir Series by Cinda Williams ChimaThe Wizard Heir.  So gooooood.

2- Ate 10 chocolates all at once in order to make myself sick of them and not be tempted any more.  It actually worked.

3- Became disgusted with myself when the realization that I ate 10 chocolate all at once hit me.

4- Took a delightfully hot bath just because my feet were cold.

5- Helped The Boy clean out his junk drawer.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth but I told myself to get it together and we moved on.

6- Told my sister that the reason I was calling her was “none of her business”.

It is good to be back.

Uninteresting and tiresome; dull.

22 11 2007

I am pregnant and about to burst!  As a result I am tired alot of the time.  My son and I try to get outside as much as possible and stay away from the TV.  We go for walks to the library, the store, the park or just for a walk.   If we stay inside we read, play toys and make cookies.  However, a lot of my time is still spent half asleep.  I try to stay awake but this baby just sucks the life right out of me, so I must have my nap every day.

As a result I sometimes feel like I am not doing enough to keep him entertained and I feel badly about that.  The other day as I was putting him to bed for the night I said

“Do you think mommy is boring?” 

to which he replied “No!”

“Are you sure mommy isn’t boring?” 

“You are not boring mommy.”

“Thanks babe, I love you.”


“Mommy, what’s boring?”

The one wherein I ramble incoherently…yet again.

24 10 2007

I have been back “on-line” for a total of what, like 6 hours and I am already freaking out about posting. I am a major tool.

So here it is my second post in a year. Aren’t you proud of me? Well I am so shut up.

I should write something profound but that would be a little far-fetched coming from me. So I will write several lines of nonsense and call it a night.

I would like to send a shout out to my new favourite person of all time – Mama over at MamaSutra. Hey Mama! Just wanted to thank you for paying attention to me, cause we all know I need the validation to keep me from jumping off a virtual blog cliff. For anyone else out there who may be wondering why all the adoration, Mama was the first person to comment on my first post this year. On the day it was posted. Talk about boosting my confidence. I may just have to stop blogging for ever now cause I think this is probably as good as it gets.

I have recently been randomly surfing the net and in my travels I happened upon Violent Acres, which I now have in my links under Shits and Giggles. Although to be truthful it really is more shits than giggles, I like it. V, as she calls herself is hard to describe but who cares! Just read the blog and then run away screaming. V’s blog is about pretty much everything, her personal life stories, real estate, why women suck and various other things. She gets like a bazillion hits a day, hates everyone and swears a lot. So, her blog is pretty much like mine… except I write about baby poop, (oh there will be more stories of poop) my hair and how much I love Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also I probably get like .01 hits a day. I hate everyone too….I mean we are practically twins, it’s downright eerie.

Wow, talk about a love fest. Does somebody have a blog crush? No, not me, I don’t know what you are talking about. Ahem. I like her blog and surprisingly agree with a lot of what she says. If you do venture over to see what I am talking about you will probably notice that I am the embodiment of most of the things she hates about bloggers. Except for one thing.

I don’t give a rats ass.

I have returned.

23 10 2007

Well it has been over a year since my last post and I am pretty sure no one out there remembers me let alone cares that I was gone in the first place.  However, I am back and anyone unlucky enough to stumble upon my site is welcome to it.

For those who care to know the intimate details of my life….bug off you creep.  Actually, I’ll tell you because I am an attention whore… I am pregnant.  Due next month.  Isn’t that exciting.  I thought so.

Well that is all for now.  Who knows I may never write again.  We shall see.